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Vegas Wedding

As you are preparing for one of the most important days in your life, you want to make sure that everything is perfect--down to the last detail! As you shop with care and anticipation for your wedding attire, the locale for your reception and all the things that are required to make your very special day a reality, the entertainment is a central part of the occasion. We pride ourselves in giving you a stress-free event from the planning to the final dance.

Since there are many options to consider, we recommend a free consultation here at our offices, or at a location of your choice. We will do everything possible to accommodate your wishes and make your event a memorable one for you and your guests.

To keep things simple as you compare different companies, we offer two complete packages at competitive price points; along with 'A La Carte' add-ons to build the perfect wedding entertainment. Considering that the average rate you will find quoted to you by most mobile DJ services will be around $100.00 - $150.00/hr., we are confident that our rates as an established company, with the finest DJ/MC's in the industry represent the best value you will find. We encourage you to shop around, and are confident that you will come back to us!


PACKAGE 1:  EC Essential - Approved DJ/MC (Has met our high standards)
Includes a professional DJ/MC for your event, up to 4 hours of music & your favorite requests through a state-of-the-art sound system

PACKAGE 2:  EC Enhanced  - Premium DJ/MC (Based on credentials and experience)
Includes a premium DJ/MC for your event, up to 4 hours of music & your favorite requests through a state-of-the-art sound system



Basic Lighting includes One-4-LED-Par Can Light Tree

Intelligent Light Show includes 4-intelligent lighting fixtures

Add extra energy with a second entertainer. Watch two talented entertainers "feed off of each other" and the audience "flip-flopping" music programming and announcing duties! 

Recommended when you desire more audience interaction and participation. The motivators will help guests interact, learn new dances and pass out your party props. 

A sound system designed to provide adequate sound for cocktail hours in adjacent rooms.
1-Hour... $150.00 (Lavalier Microphone Addl. $50.00) 

Adding party props to your event can transform the atmosphere into a spectacular, high energy event. Not only are you elevating your guests to a day that they will remember, but you are giving them a piece of the party to take home… Please inquire.

Liven up any party with the addition of sing-along Karaoke. Add to any package for just $150.00! 

(See Description Below)
Projector and 6'x8' Screen… $500.00
Live Camera Coverage… $250.00

CONFETTI… Please Inquire 

The Ultimate Video Dance Party with Music Videos, Giant Video Screen, Night Club Style Sound and Lighting.
Pre-Planning Consultation
State-Of-The-Art Sound System For Perfect Audio Quality
Fully-Trained VJ/DJ, Energetic Party Host
Spectacular Light Show
Wallpaper, Ambient Videos
Live Camera Coverage on the Giant Screen(s)
Fully Licensed Music Videos (Just like the ones on MTV & VH1!) 


PHOTO MONTAGE – Laptop Computer / Image Projector / Big Screen / P.A.
Photo stills, audio and narration. You provide us with up to 30 of your favorite photos, and we do the rest! This presentation includes any 2-songs that you provide, and narration by our MC (or your own narrator)… $500.00 

MIXED MEDIA – Same as above, but with VHS, DVD or Laser Disc Video
Same as above, but with motion video. You can also provide us with your own home videos. This combination of stills and video creates added impact and an even more memorable presentation… $750.00

LIVE VIDEO – “Photo Montage”, “Mixed Media” AND “Live Video”
A Camera Man transmits live video of your event to the big screen for all to view, as it happens. This always thrills audiences as they see themselves live on the big screen!… $500.00

ADD-ONS – Video Wallpaper, Multi-Camera Coverage, Interactive Video Games
Aside from your actual presentation, Video Wallpaper throughout the duration of your event gives guests entertainment even while they are sitting down. You can choose from movies and cartoons (copyright charges may apply), computer graphics, bloopers, etc… $150.00 

MULTI-CAMERA COVERAGE - Allows for more live footage of your guests on the big screen. It also allows for split-screen images as well (live footage of two different camera angles on the big screen at the same time!)… $250.00

INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAMES - Heightens the fun at any event. Imagine trivia, game shows, even Play Station III, Nintendo Wii, etc. on the big screen at your event!

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