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Booking Information

Empyreal Chinese Acrobats

Produced by: Runway International, Inc. (Chinese-owned, USA-based corporation located in Orlando, Florida responsible for sponsoring, housing, training and choreographing Empyreal Chinese Acrobats)

Exclusively Represented by:  Entertainment Caterers, Inc. (DBA EC Model & Talent Agency & EC Cirque Productions), a licensed Florida State Talent Agency #TA682 based in Orlando, Florida with branch office in Las Vegas. For Booking Inquiries, contact:

Sean McCabe, President
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(407) 926-1840

Technical Information

Every venue we perform at is different. Some have large, sturdy hardwood floor stages with theatrical lighting; others have small, shaky carpeted stages with fluorescent lamps. Depending on the programs you contract, from individual acts to turn-key shows, we will work with you to make sure your venue can accommodate our performance. In certain circumstances, we may not be able to perform at your venue; or we may suggest alternative acts that you did not initially request if we feel our performer's safety may be a concern. The following technical information should assist you in all aspects surrounding booking the Empyreal Chinese Acrobats.

The troupe may consist of anywhere from 2-20 acrobats, depending on the program(s) you contract. There will always be a stage manager with the performers at every show, to serve as a translator. All of our performers are from The People's Republic of China, and they have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting their acrobatic routines. They have not spent this much time on their English language skills! Any instructions to the performers should only be given to your designated point of contact. Many of our performers are very shy, and although they will shake your hand and say, "thank you", they are much more comfortable with a smile. Finally, should you encounter our performers loading in, loading out, or moving items around pre or post-show, you may be inclined to offer a lending hand. The Chinese are very self-sufficient. Their training regime since early childhood has always involved taking care of all their own affairs. As much as you would like to offer to help them carry one of their bags, or help them move a heavy apparatus across the stage, please refrain! You will find our cast to be strong-willed, strong-minded... and just plain STRONG!

Sometimes, all of the best intentions, and the exchange of information prior to a show do not add up to a safe performance area. Our technical staff will work with you before arrival at your venue, and prior to show to determine the best performance locations, placement and storage of equipment, props and costumes, etc. In the event that any safety or performance hazards are determined, our technical staff reserves the right to alter the contracted performance. Finally, the actual performer holds the final say as to whether they feel comfortable and safe. In any case, we always stand ready to offer substitute acts, so as to insure successful show, and maximum value. In most cases, pre-planning and open communication avoids any show alterations.


It is very important that you keep the stage, along with all points of access (stairs on either side, access to backstage, etc.) clean and free of obstructions. The floor must be solid, even, clean and free of any items that could serve as trip or slip hazards. If there are any recesses, weak points, uneven points, trap doors, etc. that are absolutely unavoidable, they should be brought to the attention of our stage manager ahead of time.

Depending on the size of the show you contract, the minimum stage size is 16' x 16'. For shows with 5 or more performers, the ideal stage size is approximately 32' x 24'; however, the larger the stage, the better! Nevertheless, we can adjust our performances to accommodate venues with smaller stages. It is important that your venue has a backstage area that the performers can quickly access, out of view of the audience between acts. This area must be completely private, where performers may have to quickly change their costumes, and/or retrieve their performance items.


Depending on the type of show you contract, we may provide a backdrop to enhance the atmosphere. If your venue offers hanging points for our banner at proper height, we may hang our backdrop in this manner. If not, we may bring our own crank-up truss system.

If you have contracted aerial acts, rigging points will have to be provided. We will provide our own rigger, unless your venue has a certified rigger, or rigging company under contract. In any case, our staff will need to inspect all rigging points for safety. Your venue will be responsible for providing either a tall, stable ladder to reach the ceiling safely, and/or a suitable genie lift. All rigging fees and associated fees (electric chain motors, attachment points, etc.) will be at the client and/or venue's expense. We will provide all necessary aerial equipment (chiffons, fasteners, etc.)

Green Room / Dressing Room

Our cast and crew will require a private, secure Green Room or Dressing Room for changing, and to store personal belongings. Ideally, 2-dressing rooms will be provided, one for the men and one for the women. It is important that the temperature in these rooms is not too hot or cold. These rooms should be as close to the stage as possible, ideally with ample lighting, mirrors, table(s), chairs, bathroom and running water if possible. These rooms will be equipped, at a minimum, with bottled water and light snacks (fruit tray, crackers, and cheese) If performance is scheduled for more than one performance per day, and/or multiple days, a menu will be prescribed by our staff. The Chinese diet is very different from their Western counterparts. If our requests cannot be accommodated, a pre-determined dollar amount for meals may be prescribed, and our staff will make the necessary food arrangements.

Backstage Items

If you contract 5 or more performers, we request that you have at least 2-6' tables set up back stage. One will be for storage and quick access of our performer's show items. The other table will be for our playback system. If the location of your main console is suitable for playback of our media, and there is room for our audio technician, we may opt to set up behind your console. You will provide a private quick-change area close to the entrance to the stage. This area can be fabricated with pipe and drape, and will have a costume rack for quick-changes. It will be lighted, and have a mirror. For shows smaller in nature in ballrooms without backstage areas, adjustments can be made as necessary.

Intercom System

Depending on the nature of your contract, we may request that your venue provides a headset intercom system for our producer to call the show. This will be a minimum of 2-headsets, and maximum of 6-headsets.


Depending on the nature of your contract, we may provide our own complete audio and/or lighting system. If your venue, or a production company will be providing the audio and/or lighting system, we will ask for the contact information of your technician to make sure your audio and/or lighting system is suitable for our performance.

A stage plot will be provided in the form of a Technical Rider, which will outline required audio, video and lighting equipment. Depending on the nature of the show, our technician may operate the lights, or a detailed stage plot and instructions may be provided to your technical engineer.