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Registration Instructions

*If you reached this page by clicking on the 'HELP' link in the Top Menu, you will find that it is in a new Tab. Keep this Tab open for future cross-reference, and return to the original tab to complete your registration, following the directions below.

1. Click on the REGISTER link at the top right of the screen.

2. Enter your Full Name. This name will NOT appear in your Online Listing. Next, enter your desired Username. This name will only be used for the purpose of logging into your account. Next, enter your desired Password. Finally, enter your email address and then confirm your email address.

3. Review the Terms of Service and Select the ‘Agree’ button, complete the Captcha and then Click ‘Register’. You will receive an online message confirming your registration. You will also receive the same message by email. If you do not receive this message in your email, check to make sure that it is not in your spam folder. Review this message and continue following its instructions.

4. Login with your Username and Password. After login, click the ‘ADD YOUR LISTING’ link in the left ‘Talent User Menu'. You must drill down to your applicable Talent Category. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘CLICK HERE TO PROCEED WITH ADDING YOUR LISTING’ link. Next, click on your Talent Category, for example, if you are a model, click on, “Models”. Continue to drill down to your sub-category, if applicable. In this example, we are going to assume that you are a Female Booth Narrator. Do not worry if your act falls into more than one category. We will address this later. For now, just select your primary Talent Category. Of course, some of the ‘Stats’ fields like “Chest, Waist, Hips, etc.” mentioned below will be not be applicable if you are a band, impersonator, variety act, etc. Now that we have drilled down to your appropriate Talent Category, we will click on the ‘Add your listing here’ link at the top right of the page.

5. Here, once again, enter your Full Name. This name will ONLY be seen by our Administrator. Enter your Company Name if applicable. Enter your Screen Name. This name is what everyone will see below your Main Thumbnail Image. Enter the physical address where you will be receiving payments by mail. Enter your Mobile Phone number. Enter your Home Phone number if applicable. Enter your Email Address. Enter your website if applicable. This will only appear to our administrators, and may help us to gather photos and videos of you at a later time.

6. If you have any YouTube or Vimeo videos, simply paste the actual URL link(s) to your videos in this box. We will activate the embed code for you after we have approved your videos.

7. Enter the nearest Major City in which you reside. Please enter only ONE city. From the drop-down choices, select your Ethnicity. Select your Date of Birth (This will only appear to our administrators.) If applicable, e.g. Models: Select your Height. Enter your Weight in pounds. Select your Hair Color. Select your Eye Color. If Female, Select your Dress Size. Enter your Chest Size in inches. Enter your Waste Size in inches. Enter your Hip Size in inches, if male, enter your Inseam in inches. Select any Union Affiliations, Cntrl or Command Click for Multiple Selections. Select your Experience, Cntrl or Command Click for Multiple Selections. Select your Spoken Languages, Cntrl or Command Click for Multiple Selections.

8. Click the ‘Add Image’ link up to 7-times to add up to 7-photos. Remove any unwanted images by de-selecting the check box next to image. Re-arrange any images by dragging and dropping in desired order. Click the ‘Choose Files’ button to upload your image. Repeat this process for as many images as you would like to upload, up to 7-images.

9. Review your information, and when you are finished and satisfied, Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.

10. That’s it! You will receive both an on-screen message and an email indicating that your listing will be reviewed by one of our agents. If you are approved, you will be notified by email. If you do not hear back from us within one week, your listing was not approved. We apologize in advance, but we do not have the time or resources to provide an explanation for every rejection. Please refrain from calling us, as we are inundated with calls from rejected talents. Thank you for registering and applying to EC Model & Talent Agency!